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Business Communication is still the biggest roadblock in the growth of the organization as well as in the growth of individuals. It helps organization to communicate its vision, mission and execution guidelines to customers, vendors and internal employees.

Effective business communication skills helps leaders and managers to persuade others to do things that are necessary. They help in building interpersonal relationships, delegate the tasks properly and bring synergy with teams.

Syndicate Learning’s suite of Business Communication eLearning Courses are built to acquaint learners with the ability to overcome persuasion barriers, improve credibility, communicate more effectively and help others to see their way in a more meaningful and memorable way.

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List of Top Topics for Business Communication

Here are some of our eLearning courses on Business Communication that will provide you with an idea of the type of content that this section can help provide to your business on an organisation level as well as for the individual manager and employees.

Building Relationships

This course provides you tips to enhance and nurture your customer base, improve business partnerships and facilitate business innovation that in the end affect the bottom line.


Email Etiquettes

Respect and professionalism are the basis of any kind of communication. The use of professional language in your email will convey the efficiency of the organisation. This course helps you hone your skills to become a master communicator.


Conducting Meetings

Principles, practises and behaviour during a meeting drives consistency towards success or the lack thereof. This course brings to your notice areas of improvement to allow you better results from your team.


Business Presentations

This course gives you easy to use rules to follow that help you share information with your employees, managers and executives in a rational and precise manner thus improving productivity and camaraderie.


Writing Reports

This course is a crash course to improve your skills in accuracy of information, orderliness, clarity of information dissemination and persuasion skills through methodical and solid work ethics.


Writing Case Studies

A good case study shows, instead of just talk about how a product can be used. This course helps you prepare to convey such information easily and gain much needed business grounds.


Writing Blogs

Blogging is an integral part of any online marketing strategy irrespective of the business size or product. This course arms you with the knowledge to drive traffic to your website, increase your SEO and develop better customer relationships to position you as an industry leader.


Writing Social Posts

This course helps establish or reinvent your brand perfectly through social media and its intricacies to build up a following as well as generate revenue.


Social Media Etiquettes

This course clears the nuances of social media’s unwritten usage rules that constantly evolve to create a balance between the human and business elements.


Phone Etiquettes

When it comes to social media etiquette for business, behavior and what to do or not do, it takes practice to fully understand how these tips apply to your day-to-day behavior.


Interpersonal Skills

Humans are social animals who need not just skills but need to possess perfect verbal and diplomatic skills in order to work effectively in an organisation. This course covers all such aspects to help you excel.


Personal Grooming

The goal of any company is not about appearance but this aspect still has a profound impact your future. This course provides such tips and tricks to look professional as well.

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When to use off the shelf courses on

on Business Communication

One skill that is essential from the grassroot level to top management profiles, from administration to research department is Business Communication. The success of any business process depends on how well it is communicated by the leaders to managers, managers to supervisors and supervisor to executive.

Keeping its importance aside, let us discuss how organizations can educate their staff to communicate well. There are only three ways: conduct classroom sessions, create custom online course or use Off The Shelf elearning Courses on business communication.

Fortunately, the subject matter of business communication is universal. There are fundamental principles that govern communication skills. 80% of your business skills are as good as they are in other organizations. So, 80% of business communication education can be completed using Off the Shelf elearning courses.

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