Bringing the culture alive

SpiceJet is the India’s largest and Asia’s 4th biggest airline, hiring nearly 1500 new people across the airline annually.

With such a large annual intake of staff, it’s a challenge for easyJet to get new people feeling part of the business as quickly as possible – to understand what they stand for, where they’re going, their role and where to go for support and guidance.

We created a brand-led experience that explores each part of easyJet’s strategy, ambition, values and challenges to help new joiners get up and running as quickly as possible.


Building Sales Confidence in New IT Products

Our client is the world’s leading provider of Content Delivery Network (CDN) services—essentially, they help make the Internet fast and secure. One of their biggest ongoing challenges happens whenever they release a new product and they need to teach their partner organizations how to sell it.

Our innovative training solution used a simulation-based audio and video curriculum to educate salespeople and dealers on new products while strengthening essential sales skills, such as active listening and customer needs analysis.

Not only did we help the company’s sales representatives gain in-depth technical knowledge of new products, we simultaneously built up their skills and confidence in communication, customer analysis, and consultative sales.


Recognizing and nurturing High Potential

Our Client: Our client is a global leader in talent management solutions. With 40+ years of talent expertise, they’re a trusted technology partner to more than 10,000 companies in 150+ countries, including 50% of the Fortune Global 500.

Case & Challenge: The case deals with the concept of high-potential employees which according to the Harvard Business Review account for an average of 5% of any company’s workforce. Recognizing and nurturing. High Potential is crucial because such employees go on to take up leadership roles in an organization and prove to be economical and worthy.


Build a Sales Pipeline to Develop Business

The director of sales at MX Television inherited a team without a solid sales foundation.

He discovered the sales team didn’t have reliable techniques for cold-calling or presenting pitches. They were used to taking orders, but had no formal sales process for new business development or growing current client relationships. MX Television needed some business success tips specific to their niche market of media sales.

In addition, the sales management team leaders needed advice and practice on effectively managing pipelines, holding team members accountable, and implementing prospecting and behavior plans.


Fire Safety at Retail Stores and Warehouses

M&T are one of the world’s premier retailers. With stores worldwide, M&T has built an enviable reputation within the industry.

The Trading Safely and Legally Team is responsible for ensuring that the business operates in a safe manner and in line with all relevant legislation. It is responsible for a significant portion of the company’s training commitment.

One of these needs was addressed by the introduction of fire, health and safety officers (FHSOs). These staff follow a rigorous training programme to ensure they are able to perform risk assessments within stores and ensure that stores operate safely. FHSOs receive an initial training session and additional CPD/refresher training. This requirement was to address the annual refresher training requirement.


Improving Key Customer Service Metrics

When a Fortune 500 company was experiencing huge industry shifts and changes in the market, executives were looking for a way to help their company and people get through without further alienation of their customers and employees.

They were experiencing customer relations problems as never before. Contact personnel needed to deal with their own stress, too. Industry shifts were making customers confused, hopeless and hostile. The workplace wellbeing of employees took a dive—along with morale and retention. They needed a comprehensive customer relations process that went beyond “smile-and-handshake” training.


Workplace Bullying

Recently we were contacted by a large firm who was dealing with a breach of workplace standards. An investigation by HR had revealed that one of the teams had an ingrained culture of bullying, harassment and discrimination.

This finding came as a huge surprise. The firm’s core values around diversity and equality in the workplace are regularly communicated through a purposely created network, and reinforced by policies, use of inclusive language and yearly e-learning for compliance (Salt).

Unfortunately, this team also had a culture of not speaking up when inappropriate behaviour occurred, and it took for an ex-employee to lodge a formal complaint to set the ball rolling.


Making Leadership to Pass Vision to Top Line Managers

A support team, for a company in the health care industry, was having challenges meeting the demands of their internal clients and feeling empowered to do their jobs. The group was in high demand and was results driven. However, there was a lack of clarity in roles, the management structure was hierarchical, and effective structures for communication were missing among management and staff that would help support the team and the demands of their work.

After conducting an assessment, Syindicate Learning discovered that something was missing within the team. What was missing was a clear understanding of how the team fit into the bigger picture of the organization. There was a disconnect between management and staff in information flow and an ownership on the part of the staff within their roles. It was also a culture where everyone was hard working, but acknowledgment was missing.


The ins and outs of business banking can be tricky to get your head around, and when it’s accompanied by outdated computer systems and humdrum training, it’s no surprise that many new recruits run for the hills.

CityBank Business Banking was finding it difficult to get its new starters excited enough about taking calls from their business customers to complete their training. 20% of their new recruits didn’t make it through the 12-week induction period to even try out their contact centre jobs.

Recruiting and training people for banking jobs is an expensive business. With one in five recruits dropping out before finishing their training, CitiBank Business Banking needed to rethink their approach to training their contact centre staff.


A credit card customer retention center for a leading U.S. financial institution wanted to improve customer retention and take steps to regain ‘lost’ customers. Management also wanted to increase the quality of service that customers received when enquiring about their credit card services and monthly statements. New employee training was minimal and coaching was disciplinary in nature. Staff turnover was high (over 50%) and employee morale was very low.

Syndicate Learning’s collaborated with the management team to conduct a thorough needs analysis, which allowed us to identify employee strengths and areas for improvement and also explore the reasons for high turnover and low morale.


As the global online travel market continues to expand, sought an online learning solution that could help its younger employees develop their technical and leadership skills to grow individually and push the company forward.

They were looking to create a culture of learning in general, but wanted to specifically encourage internal GoIbibo employees to develop new skills and find new opportunities within our company, rather than leave us after a few years.


Living Luxury Spa is a rapidly growing and well-known national spa franchise in India. In its early stages, the company started out with a basic learning management system (LMS) but soon discovered that it was not scalable or built to grow. The interface was very old and there were many clicks before a learner could read a course or take an assessment. It does not have a good search option. Administrators too have to do a lot of work manually.

Syndicate Learning Groups implemented its AI Based LMS for Living Luxury SPA. The interface was designed to look like a SPA environment, setting the context for the training. The Artificial Intelligence enabled Learning Management System ensured that there was minimal manual effort required to administer the LMS.


The client is one of the largest and oldest pharmaceutical companies in the world. The company regularly delivers training to staff to enhance their abilities and improve performance but, as many of the people are remotely based, this is not cost-effective, particularly considering the cost of airline tickets.

When looking for a new e-learning solution, they didn’t want another course that simply involved putting the key learning points in a module and then sharing that around the team. They wanted creativity, imagination, and an understanding of how people learn.


Our Client is a leading global corporate that produces cancer medicines and delivers them to healthcare industry across the globe. Their team of 2000 employees, based in offices in Europe, the US and Asia, advise doctors, medical practitioners and cancer hospitals to help cancer patients to live a long and better life.

Client approached Syndicate Learning for a learning portal for their staff and, after discussions, we supplied a multi-tenancy, a customised version of our SCORM compliant Learning Management System. We added classroom-based event booking functionality and provided access to eBooks, PDFs, PowerPoints and other resources. We also provided the facility for email reminders and comprehensive reporting.


As the largest professionally led nonprofit network of cancer support worldwide, the CanAid is dedicated to ensuring that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community. CanAid desired an eLearning program dedicated to reaching the multitudes who have been affected by cancer and benefit from their support.

In collaboration with CanAid we developed a catalog of course-work with a wide range of topics from first diagnosis to financing to treatment. The courses combine photography of actual survivors with typography and illustration to create a gentle yet frank approach to effectively learning about cancer.


Sulabh International has been conducting human rights education for more than 2 decades. Through its Global programme, in 2017, Sulabh reached more than 1 million people from more than 200 countries across the world. Multiple HRE approaches, including online learning, blended learning, offline training, and developing trainers, are used in both formal and non-formal learning.

Sulabh International needed a flexible Learning Management System, available in different languages to build different kinds of online and blended learning experiences to ensure free access to education for people across the globe.


Our Client is a leading manufacturer of computerized machines, robotics, mechatronics, and other high-end manufacturing systems in Eurasia region. Client ships machines to the customers with printed installation manuals. As the machines are automatic, the customer’s technicians can easily install these machines and start operations.

However, due to lack of awareness and reluctance to read the instructional manuals, they make several calls to support center for installation instructions. In several cases, they request the support staff to visit their premises to commission the machine.

By using our solution, the customer could save hundreds of dollars per machine and total cost saving crossed several thousand dollars per year.


The Client has approximately 900 employees involved in their manufacturing processes; positions include skill areas such as Machining, Die Casting, Quality Control and many others. The client wanted to increase accuracy and overall quality of their employee training program – their primary objective was to improve both business results and satisfy the requirements of the ISO/TS-16949 Certification.

The Syndicate Group LMS platform allowed AWC to convert a manual, cumbersome process into a streamlined and automated workflow that not only fully supports the training goals of the organization, but also provides their employees with the resources they need to do their jobs more effectively.


Gamified Solution for Software Industry

Our client is a global enterprise software company and the second-largest software vendor in Europe. The company strives to accelerate and simplify the digital transformation of enterprises by connecting global applications, devices, and data without having to compromise on existing investments.

Since the company was transitioning from ILT to digital learning, Syndicate Learning suggested an avatar-based guided learning approach to provide a familiar learning environment to employees. The project included the development of 9 eLearning curriculums for soft skills training in sales management.


Enhance revenue and profitability with Syndicate LMS

Founded in 1985 and listed on the Stock Exchange since 1990, Techtronic Software is a world-class manufacturer of high-quality software for various industries like ecommerce, hardware, and construction industries.

The company wanted to ensure that employees are properly educated and proficient in key operational areas. They wanted to tangibly demonstrate how development initiatives help to achieve corporate objectives. By implementing Syndicate Group LMS, the company accelerated training creation and delivery, reduced classroom training costs and fully recouped its investment in the program initiative.

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