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Every year organizations pay billions of dollars for non-compliance with the laws of the land. A lot of non-compliance incidents happen because employees were either, not trained or not proactive even if they have had a formal training.

Many organizations treat Compliance Training as a statutory obligation to pass on information and comply with certification. These trainings cannot impact the employee behavior or immune the organization from the adverse impact of the non-compliance with a safe environment and social requirements.

We look at the compliance training program altogether from a different perspective. We study the challenges of organizations and approach compliance training program in a strategic manner that includes a pre-training plan, the training / learning and the post training support.

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Challange of Compliance Trainings

Compliance training is looked upon as a mandatory activity imposed by regulators. These trainings when imparted as an information dump, make them monotonous. Consequently, employees do not take these trainings enthusiastically, and these trainings have a least impact on behavior.
Lack of Proactiveness

Organizations conduct compliance training when forced by regulators or if there is a major incident like a financial punishment on a competitor or a hit to brand image. The lack of proactiveness keeps the organization exposed to such incidents/accidents.

Information Update

Regulators change the law when needed, but the training does not keep pace with such changes. Compliance training content often lags behind the latest rules.

One Time Event

Organizations conduct these training as a one-time activity sometimes leading to routine certification. So, the organization does comply with the law, but their immunity against the non-compliance impact is very low.


Our Approach to compliance Solutions

Compliance issues are generally lager than life issues that have impact beyond organization. These issues can impact employees and community, if not today then tomorrow. We approach to such trainings using emotional appeal and inspire the employees to be proactive in benefit of community at large.

Compliance Training as a Campaign

We approach compliance training as a campaign where we focus on creating awareness around the issues and their impact on society. Our training content stresses on the consequences of non-compliance and its impact on employees and the organization.

Impact on Behavior

Our approach on compliance training is not to merely pass on the information and certify learners. We work to build a positive attitude and behavior of the employees when they see non-compliance.

Proactive Approach

We believe in the policy of “Prevention is better than cure”. Our approach is to proactively create a proper channel to make employees aware about new regulations and legal updates.

Interactive & Engaging Modalities

While delivering content we ensure that the learners do not face a boring content. We eliminate boredom by using various interactivities, story-telling techniques, real-life examples and latest technologies.

Higher Learning Retention

We make use of stories, anecdotes, case studies and past experiences to enable long-term learning retention. By using post training support, refreshers & spaced learning techniques we ensure that learners are well aware and alert.

Just-in-Time Training

The need for learning does not end with the initial formal training about the processes. The forgetting keeps on happening & employees need ongoing support while being at work. They need training & learning support alongside work.





Case Study

Workplace Bullying

Recently we were contacted by a large firm who was dealing with a breach of workplace standards. An investigation by HR had revealed that one of the teams had an ingrained culture of bullying, harassment and discrimination.

This finding came as a huge surprise. The firm’s core values around diversity and equality in the workplace are regularly communicated through a purposely created network, and reinforced by policies, use of inclusive language and yearly e-learning for compliance (Salt).

Unfortunately, this team also had a culture of not speaking up when inappropriate behaviour occurred, and it took for an ex-employee to lodge a formal complaint to set the ball rolling.

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