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In the digital world, employees spend a lot of time working on computers - managing email, typing documents, managing excel sheets and preparing presentation. For certain designations, this might be the 80% of the task.

While most of these tasks looks obvious, many employees have difficulty using these software efficiently. They have to struggle or apply workarounds to complete tasks which might be available as a feature.

Syndicate Learning’s courses on computer educate your staff to efficiently use these features. We show them the right methods of doing things by visual demos. We explain to them the fundamentals and make them smart. Result, their efficiency improves by 30-40% on these software.

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Our eLearning courses on basic software skills provide insights into obvious lacunas of knowledge. It provides the much needed catalyst to get a task done faster and in an efficient manner, thus improving your base line.

Email Essentials - Outlook, Sfari, G-Mail, Thunderbird

Being precise is just the first step of using an email optimally. This course describes the nuances of different email software while clearing up their idiosyncrasies and how one may utilise them to further their goals, lessen the workload and achieve more.


Microsoft Excel

Presenting your data in a relatable and visual manner suits most business decisions. But there is more to excel than making charts. This course takes one through the basics first and then turns them into masters of excel sheets.


Microsoft Word

Communication breaks down without a language and Microsoft Word is the language of the technology world to pour out your idea. This course breaks down the often confusing usages of this software in a simple manner.


Microsoft Powerpoint

This course helps you prepare the three pronged approach of a visual kick, tools for collaboration and share information beyond the initial meeting while drawing the audience easily and turning them to your side of the table.


Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is much more than just another go-between for your computer's hardware and software. This course without turning one into a complete OS geek dispels some of the myths of this OS which can help you use it in a better manner.


Mac Operating System

MACOS is a mixture of art and science in equal parts which makes it equally intriguing and daunting. The aim of this course is to make one conversant with its various features and how to use them to help you out.


Google Docs

This has slowly become the darling of everyone who work while they run a hundred errands simultaneously. This course helps you utilise the power of Google Docs to propel your business to greater heights of success.


Office 365

This course helps you negotiate your way around to collaborate with ease via tools that are very simple to learn without the need to be IT experts in your domain. It dispels the fears and makes you ready to face the world.


Webinar Tools

Webinars are becoming popular to raise brand awareness while you understand your audience in a safe environment. This course helps you to ace the process of hosting webinars and creating business relationships.


Image Editing Tools

An image speaks a thousand words whether for business or for personal reasons and every image you use needs to be beautiful. This course helps you navigate the image editing tools to make that a reality every time.


Apple IOS

Owning the Apple iOS is easy, using it like a pro is another. This course accentuates your skills to turn you into a pro user who amazes their peers.


Social Media Tools - Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram

Businesses cannot grow unless they utilise the power of social media tools in the present day technology driven world. This course dispels your qualms while making you ready to shift gears and embrace this world easily.

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On Computer Skills

When asked about educating staff on computer skills most of the organizations bury their heads in the sand. They consider it employee responsibility to learn these basic skills. Neither does employees ever ask for “help” due to shame or shyness.

But the reports says that with hundreds of features available in the Computer software like Microsoft Office, employees know & use only 5% of it. It is not that they cannot finish the task, but, if they had known the software well, they could finish their task 80% faster and 50% better.

As you have to educate your entire workforce, classroom training and custom courses can be very costly. This is where our off the shelf courses which are updated every year comes into the picture. Go for a Free Trial and look at some of our amazing offers.

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