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If you have an international business, your people must be aware of the specific countries they need to work with. They should not only have the geographical and business information, but must understand the people and their culture.

While they can still communicate, the understanding of the culture of your customers can help them to develop a better rapport with them. It can also sensitize them on the topic that should not be discussed or should be discussed during the conversation or the email.

Syndicate Learning has a library of elearning courses on cultural sensitivity that covers the top countries of the world. By using our library, you can educate your workforce to seamlessly interact with global audience and create a long lasting business impression.

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Top Courses on Culture & Sensitivity

This section of our library of eLearning courses is entirely focused towards providing one with the various shades of being viewed by the other party as polite as well as professional while expanding the scope of business manyfolds even through a chance encounter.

Cultural Sensitivity - USA

What is correct in one state might not be the same in another. This course trains and makes one aware of the cultural aspects of the different states in the USA and how to be conversant about them.


Cultural Sensitivity - UK

This course dispels the often wrong depiction of a person in the UK as done by the media and cinema while allowing you to make the right decision as per the situation to bring around that business.


Cultural Sensitivity - Nigeria

Our course will ensure that you are able to easily stimulate an ongoing conversation which is usually the biggest roadblock. We shall then through the course direct you on the correct path.


Cultural Sensitivity - Brazil

Any business person need no longer be flustered about how to tackle Brazilians with this course which involves learning about the various nuances of meanings to fit in perfectly.


Cultural Sensitivity - Argentina

Although similar to Brazil, the cultural differences are immense and this course ensures you are never off track in your business dealings with these vibrant South Americans.


Cultural Sensitivity - Russia

An open heart and a peaceful mind make for better business decisions with this course which teaches all of the cultural modulations one may need.


Cultural Sensitivity - Philippines

Being aware of cultural sensitivities leads you down a happy cakewalk of business success when you go through this course before that important meeting in the Philippines.


Cultural Sensitivity - Malaysia

When you start to understand and respect Malaysian culture through this course, you are bound to be positively charged whenever a call with Malaysia is set up.


Cultural Sensitivity - Egypt

The land of the Pharaoh’s has much to offer in its intricate culture than meets the eye. All of that refinement can be yours to master through this extensive course.


Cultural Sensitivity - Europe

Europe is a potpourri of various cultures derived from its ancient tribes with a plethora of subtleties that are brought to light with our course to help you navigate any business deal with ease.


Cultural Sensitivity - Australia

Embracing Australian culture is the only way to ensure that you come across as a warm and happy person much required to bag that lucrative deal which you may learn from this course.


Cultural Sensitivity - India

Every state in India is governed by a new set of unwritten rules of conduct that one should be aware of before you pitch them with your innovative idea. This often confusing terrain of cultural ambiguity is made clear with this course.

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on Cultural Sensitivity

The culture of a country is independent of any organization. The culture is defined by its history, traditions, religion, language, symbol and behaviour of citizens. Culture is often long term and changes very slowly.

A course on the culture of a country can be created only by the natives and the experts. Creating a custom course on this subject can be very costly and sometimes may not be as effective as an Off The Shelf course.

Syndicate Learning’s Off The Shelf Courses on the cultural sensitivity have been designed and developed by native experts. We keep the multiple learner profiles and cognitive principles in mind while creating these courses.

Look at our samples and then decide if you still need a custom course on cultural sensitivity.

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