Customer service

Customer service is a company’s opportunity to connect with customers, solve problems, and show they care. And when customer service is executed well, it can resonate with customers for years to come.

Syndicate Learning trusts that training your customer support team is even more important than training your marketing or sales teams. Your Customer Service experiences inspire more buying by the customers, and impacts the word-of-mouth publicity as well as digital reviews.

Remarkable customer service is a competitive advantage, especially in a world where 89% of businesses compete through the level of customer experience they’re able to deliver. Remarkable customer service is a result of training and learning culture within your team.

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Challange of Customer Service Training

Hiring customer service representatives and making them efficient, intelligent and empathatic to customer needs is not easy. Employees handling customers have to face irate customers, numerous questions and manage unrealistic expectations.
Huge Information to Handle

Customer Service Representatives need to answer customer querries about products, process and services. This is a vast peice of information and difficult to grasp for any person.

Multiple Skills and Competencies

Customer service representatives need to have have more knowledge and skills than any other depeartment, because customer qustions can come from any area. This means they have to go through many training each one different in nature.

Change in Attitude

Apart from learning new skill, customer support is about change in attitude towards customer. The customer who calls for support are in pain, they need an empathetic attitude apart from being served.


Our Approach to Customer Service Trainings


Complex to Simple

The plethors of information about the products, processes and services can overwhelm the learners. We concise the information by focusing on important topics and eliminate anything that is usual.

Convey Vision and Impact

We belive that if employees are alinged with the company's vision, can understand how they are contributing to the growth of the organization, they not only put in efforts to gain knowledge but also put it into practice

Impact on Attitude

All trainin even if they are product or process trainings are created to impact the attitude of customer service agents towards the customers. If we can change the attitude of customer support representatives towards the customers, half the purpose is solved.

Usage of Technology

We focus on using tecnology like Learning Management System, Learning Apps, Performance Support System, Gamification to be part of custom service training soutions. The use of technology impact the time to profeciency and accebility of training material.

Search Skills & Learning Reinforcement

With so much information required to serve a customer, search skil becomes and import skill to provide right information in less time. Our training programs does not end with one day event - we use several techniques for learning reinforement using micro-learning, surveys, assessments etc.

Personal Approach

Health and Safety is a personal concern. It the individual who is at loss in case of a hazard or accident, so we try to keep the content as personalized as possible.





Case Study

Improving Key Customer Service Metrics

When a Fortune 500 company was experiencing huge industry shifts and changes in the market, executives were looking for a way to help their company and people get through without further alienation of their customers and employees.

They were experiencing customer relations problems as never before. Contact personnel needed to deal with their own stress, too. Industry shifts were making customers confused, hopeless and hostile. The workplace wellbeing of employees took a dive—along with morale and retention. They needed a comprehensive customer relations process that went beyond “smile-and-handshake” training.

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