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On Environment, Health & Safety

Health & Safety of Employees, Vendors and Temporary Staff is one of the prime responsibilities of the organization. A safe and secure workplace inspires the employees to work fearlessly. On the other hand, accidents can demotivate employees and also cause financial harm to the organization by hospitalization expenses and compensation.

Prevention is better than cure. Syndicate Learning suggests organizations to take proactive measures to educate employees, vendors and other staff on the various issues.

The cost of Syndicate Learning’s Off The Shelf eLearning Courses on Environment. Health & Safety is far less than what a serious accident can cause on the office premises.

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On Health, Safety & Environment


Accidents and injuries to employees can have a direct impact on the business such as the loss of time and the resulting downtime costs associated with it. This course focuses on the nature and prevention of accidents at the workplace.


Physical Hazards

This course aware employees about the different types of physical hazards at the workplace as well the protection measures that you can adopt against such hazards.


Chemical Hazards

This course allows individuals to learn about the types and nature of chemicals such as the physical states, classification, characteristics and its hazardous properties. Then its explain the safety practices related to the use of hazardous chemicals.


Fire Hazards and Safety

This course will provide insights about fire and its classification as well as information about safety measures, equipment and procedures related to handling fire accidents.


Electrical Hazards

This course examines the fundamental concepts of electricity, classify electrical hazards, explain the causes and consequences of electrical fire hazards and educated about preventive methods to control electrical fire hazards.


Personal Protective Equipment

This course educates the employees on the importance of various safety equipment such as helmets, earplugs, safety glasses, respirators or aprons and how these equipments can guard their body and prevent health issues.


Safety Systems

Our course on Safety systems at workplaces educate learners about the various Safety Systems used at work like Smoke Detectors, Automatic Fire Extinguisher, Evacuation Plan. It also trains them on operating these systems as and when needed.


Incident Reporting

This course educates on the process of reporting the workplace incidents. It discusses the types of incidents, the method to report an incident as well as planning for investigations.


Emergency Management

This course educate employees on emergency management procedures to be carried out during a crisis. It includes useful insights on first aid and emergency analysis. It will discuss the need for emergency response and control planning, evacuation procedures and emergency drills.


Industrial Pollution Control

The course educates employees on various types of pollution caused by the industry and how to minimize the pollutants output. It also teaches legal methods of controlling and processing the various pollutants.


First Aid

This course educates employees on various types of first aid processes in case a colleague or coworker is injured during an accident.


Safe Evacuation

Continuous training to employees and workers on safe evacuation can save lives during calamities like fire, floods, earthquakes, explosions, gas leaks etc.

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on Environment, Health & Safety

Every organization is different and can have different types of hazards related to EHS. What should an organization do?

You can educate your employees on environment, health and safety in two ways - creating custom elearning solutions which are tailormade for your organization or your can using OTS eLearning courses.

However, a lot of training in environment, health and safety is standard and governed by the country’s law. These trainings are common across all organizations. So, why to reinvent the wheel? Our courses are specifically made for the skills which are the foundation of Environment, Health & Safety issues.

Second, it is not feasible for any organization to create customized courses for every skill and competency. This is where Syndicate Learning Groups’s Library plays a vital role. We run several offers for organizations to try our courses for a short time. Contact us to know the current offer.

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