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The purpose of every business is to make profit. Profit comes only by following certain fundamental concepts of finance. Managers at every level will need a solid grasp on the numbers side of business. Decisions made without understanding the financial implications may lead to reduced profits and a reduction in shareholder value.

Unfortunately, the academic education and professional training does not include financial acumen as part of the curriculum. Anyone who does not have a degree in finance, generally lacks in financial fundamentals. These professionals when employed in organizations must be educated on the fundamentals of finance.

Syndicate Learning’s Financial Acumen course equips professionals to read and make business sense of financial statements, make important business decisions using financial methods and gain an appreciation of money.

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With a library of over 40 eLearning courses devoted entirely to developing financial acumen, we present you here with just a few garnishes off the main course.

Fundamentals of finance and accounting

Without going into the nitty gritty of Finance or Accounting, this course aims to dispel the myths of the subject while bringing your employees up-to-date with the latest to help your business grow.


Planning, forecasting and budgeting

These items in an organisation should not be the domain of the top management. Understanding of these topics is essential for every employee to ensure a perfect project run. Our course provides this basic understanding while enumerating on the focal areas for the top guys.


Costing and key performance indicators

pEveryone at every level does a costing and makes a KPI, sometimes without realising. Our course provides that knowledge and clarity to make better decisions.

Preparation and analysis of financial statements

pThis course helps one to easily analyse the past, present and future performance of a company to make healthier economic decisions.

Financial decisions and organizational profitability

pThis course helps one to play an important role in fiscal management by planning, organising, directing and controlling financial undertakings of a business.

Financial Decision-making process

This highly effective niche course provides one with superior knowledge to maneuver around financial pitfalls to bring a positive impact on the organisation’s short and long term goals.


Cause and Effect in a Financial context

This is a refresher course in finance which has been sprinkled with the knowledge from a variety of industrial experts and their advice to help you make a financial decision correctly.


Cost Structure Analysis

When when knows the relationship of revenue and expense, they become champions in driving business profitability. Our course ensures that you join this ever growing group of champions.


Critical financial principles

This course is meant for all owners and business managers who must consider the potential consequences of their management decisions on the financial condition of their organisation.


Investment Decisions

It does not need a P.hD. to make sound investment decisions. Our course can help anyone with the right bent of mind to know the basics and then move on to bigger and better pastures.



The reflection of how a business operates is in the way they price their product as we live in a world driven by value. This course defines how to portray this pricing to present your customer with a value for their money.


Working Capital Management

This course is kind of an amalgamation of the entire process of finance that provides you insights on how to maintain a solid balance between profitability, growth and liquidity.

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on Fundamentals of Finance Management

It is true that each organization is different and their business, investment & finance strategy is different. However, each organization in a country works under the same legal and compliance framework and share a common business culture.

You can address the need to educate your managers on financial matters in two ways - creating custom courses on finance management which are specific to your organization or use the off the shelf courses, which covers the knowledge common to all organizations.

Syndicate Learning suggests that organizations first train all of their managers on general finance management courses. They must be educated on the fundamental principles, terminology and laws. This approach is very cost effective as our Off The Shelf courses comes at a very attractive price.

Once your managers have a fair amount of general awareness, you can create courses specific to your organization’s financial strategy.

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