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Employee Health & Safety plays a vital role in organizational development. Accidents and Sickness at work not only demotivates the employees but also cause financial losses to organization be it hospital bills or compensations.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2.9 million reported non-fatal work related injuries in 2019 and 26 percent of that comes from the construction, Manufaturing and logistsics industry.

Investigations have reveales that a lot of these injuries could have been avoided if these employees had received proper training for helath and safety.

Syndicate Learning can help you create effective training and learning solutions, which can aware your employees about hazards and make them proactive for their own and peer' safety.

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Challenges with Health & Safety Learning Solutions

Workplace Safety which must be prime responsibility of every employee, is often neglected and ignored by the employees themselves. Managers also have focus on things which are directly linkedin to day to day business activities rather than safety issues that happens only in a blue moon.
Productivity Gets Top Priority

Organization put productivity at the top priotity because it is diectly linkedin with profitability. Employees, managers and department tend to ignore the learning & practice of health and safety instructions.

Behavarioul Change

Health and Safety is not only a matter of knoweldge and inforamtion, it is a matter of making safety an habit. Everyone knows the importance of safety gear like cap, still we can see workers not putting it up.

Over-Confidence among Employees

Employees who are experienced working at a specific location, become overconfident about their abilities. They think they know all about safety. The bells ring only when something major happens at a production unit or site.


Our approach to Health & Safety Trainings

Out of all the trainings, Syndciate Learning places Health & Safety Training at the topmost priority. If employees are not safe or healthy, they can hardly contribute to the growth of the organization. Also, the risk of neglecting the safety within organization can lead to hefty penalties.

Safety as a Culture

Apart from individual safety instructions, we focus on developing safety as a culture where managers as well as employees spend a few minutes everyday on helth and safety.

Instill Fear Factor

Apart from motivation and advantages, we also focus on instilling a fear among employees about the consequences they can have, if they neglect the safety instructions.

Health and Safety Campaign

We treat health and safety trainings as an ongoing campaign where we not only provide training and learning material, but aware employees about the health and safety at every step within the organization.

Blended Approach

Our health and safety solutions are a mix of classroom trainings, demos, and various types of elearning modalities like short videos, animations, games etc.

Real Stories and Cases

We try to include real cases and stories within the organization of outside the organization about how neglect of health and safety instruction harmed individuals and team or how the trainings helped them.

Personal Approach

Health and Safety is a personal concern. It the individual who is at loss in case of a hazard or accident, so we try to keep the content as personalized as possible.





Case Study

Fire Safety at Retail Stores and Warehouses

M&T are one of the world’s premier retailers. With stores worldwide, M&T has built an enviable reputation within the industry.

The Trading Safely and Legally Team is responsible for ensuring that the business operates in a safe manner and in line with all relevant legislation. It is responsible for a significant portion of the company’s training commitment.

One of these needs was addressed by the introduction of fire, health and safety officers (FHSOs). These staff follow a rigorous training programme to ensure they are able to perform risk assessments within stores and ensure that stores operate safely. FHSOs receive an initial training session and additional CPD/refresher training. This requirement was to address the annual refresher training requirement.

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