Managerial & Leadership Training

Developing managers and Leaders is far beyond training on skills and competencies. Leaders are required to understand and impract the market, create new paths for the organization, take financial risks, show courage in the face of adversities and develop business beyond employees can think.

Syndicate Learning partners with your organization to develop learning programs for your ledership that goes beyond normal methods. Always created for a small group of people these programs are generally spread across a period and contains several modalities like workshops, games, decision making methods, war rooom dramatics atc.

Syndicate Learning create these programs with help of industry veterans, your top leadership and the leading training organizations of the world.

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Challenges in Managerial & Leadership Trainings

Managerial & Leadership training are conducted for very seasoned professionals. These professionals already posses experience, knowledge and information. Creating content that can add value to this group of learners require experts and veterans who are either their peers or above.
Subject Matter Experts

There is a lack of coaches and experts for leadership development programs. The existing leadership has already exhauseted their skill set to take organization to this level.

Mutual Time for Training

Senior leaders are often busy mitigating the current business challenges. Organizing the training for all leaders at a time is very difficult.

High Quality Learning Content

Organizations have to offer company specific, high quality content for these programs. Without context and relevance, leadership training can be a waste of time and resources.


Our approach to Managerial & Leadership Trainings

Syndicate Learning with a vast experience of training and learning solution understand that the training and learning solutions for the busy executives needs to be pecise, insightful and concerete. Any training that does nto add value to the highly knowledgabe business executives is a waste of time for all.

Appreciative Inquiry

We conduct an appreciative inquiry to get an insight of sales force, critical success factors, possible point of failures and what has worked in the past, and what needs refinement. This becomes the basis of training content.

Reserach Based Content

We engage professional researchers to diagnose the training needs within the industry and the specific organization. Subject matter experts are engaged to write and edit the content. No unneccessary stuff can creep in.

Participative Learning

During the development of content we engage the few senior learners so whatever content is developed is relevant and contextual. We never present generic information but always try to be specific.

Data Driven Content

Today's leader need proof and proof needs data. We encourage organizations to share relative masked data that can be incorporated in the trainings.

Personal Coaching

For specific skills and competence, we also involve personal coaching which can be either face to face or can be web based. We organize discussion forum to foster peer learning.

Mobile Content

We make appropriate use of technology to reduce the training time. This can be use of asynchronous learning content, mobile apps, learning management system, learning nuggets, flipped classroom which help leaders to make optimal use of their learning time.





Case Study

Making Leadership to Pass Vision to Top Line Managers

A support team, for a company in the health care industry, was having challenges meeting the demands of their internal clients and feeling empowered to do their jobs. The group was in high demand and was results driven. However, there was a lack of clarity in roles, the management structure was hierarchical, and effective structures for communication were missing among management and staff that would help support the team and the demands of their work.

After conducting an assessment, Syindicate Learning discovered that something was missing within the team. What was missing was a clear understanding of how the team fit into the bigger picture of the organization. There was a disconnect between management and staff in information flow and an ownership on the part of the staff within their roles. It was also a culture where everyone was hard working, but acknowledgment was missing.

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Our Mission

To solve various business problems with the right learning solution. Our syndicate is focused on suggesting what is right for our customer that invests in technology based learning solutions.

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Syndicate Learning is a group of companies that have come togather to deliver best learning experiecne. Each of us is best at doing what it offers.With us you work with expert and experienced.

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For us Honesty and Fidelity are two most important business principles. We put no efforts to acquire a project that we cannnot service. We believe that No business is better than a Poor business.

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