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An onboarding program is much more than a regular training. It is about inducting a new person into the wel established organization with a specific work culture and ethos. It is aboout making her/him comfortable with the rest of the tribe.

An onboarding program is an opportunity for the organization to lay foundation of its future leaders, retain the new hires for longer and add more productivity to the existsing capabilities.

An onboarding done right can create assets for the organization, on the other hand a poorr onboarding program can create a bad start for a new member of the organization. It done wrong, it can defeat the entire purpose of hiring an employee and also cause business loss.

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Onboarding Training Program Challenges

Onboarding new hires sucessfully has several challenges. On one hand it has to meet the expectations of the new hires and on other hand it has to supply the productive workforce to line managers.
Multiple Types of Information

A new employee has to learn a lot before he can become part of the tribe. He has to acquire the job specific stuff as well as know various company specific information like policies, history, culture etc.

Inconsistent Learner Profile

In any onboarding program we have learners with different educational background, experience and learning capabilities.

Information Overload

Often the onboarding programs have to be completed with a short time period generally 5-10 working days. This can overwhelm the learners with a plethora of information.


Our Approach to Onboarding

We approach Onboarding as a training program where mission is to create ease and sense of belonging among the new members. The training does not stop at the last day of the induction program; there has to be a post training support always available till the new hire is fully confident. After completion of the Onboarding Program, we ensure that the new hire is profecient, confident and at home.

Pre-Training Material

We suggest a non-confidential pre-training content like company history, products and services, to be send to all employees. Before they joing the training room, most of the new hires must have a commom minimum knowedge.

Blended Learning

Onboarding Programs must have a blend of classroom trainings, experintial learning, workdshops and eLearning in various modalities.

Simplify the Complex

The key content needs to be simplified with the detailed content to be given for self study which learners can learn in their free time and at their own pace.

Show by Examples

We prefer to train new hires using real examples & case studies to make them feel confident, motivated and excited.

Support the Trainer

The classroom trainers must be supported with aestheticlly rich presentations, right content and consisten communication.

Post Training Support

An onboarding program is the begining and foundation of a new journey. Our post training support material stays with the new hires and they can refere to it as and when needed.





Onboarding Case Study

Bringing the culture alive

SpiceJet is the India's largest airline and Asia’s 4th biggest, hiring nearly 1500 new people across the airline annually.

With such a large annual intake of staff, it's a challenge for easyJet to get new people feeling part of the business as quickly as possible - to understand what they stand for, where they’re going, their role and where to go for support and guidance.

We created a brand-led experience that explores each part of easyJet's strategy, ambition, values and challenges to help new joiners get up and running as quickly as possible.

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