Process Trainings

An Overview

Large businesses depend on the processes to achieve economies of scale. Their top and bottom lines are interdependent of the success of these processes. A small percentage of improvement in proficiency & productivity results in huge gains.

However, aligning a large workforce to abide the processes requires a rigorous training effort. To succeed in a training it requires: consistent messaging and instructions, right level of learner engagement and experience, application of processes, point of need information etc.

The team at Syndicate Learning has decades of experience in handling the training needs of large and complex processes.

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Challenges with Process Trainings

Following processes as difficult as its training. Employees have had to learn a set of processes that are tedious or difficult to follow. Think about the sales rep used to using Outlook to log follow-up tasks who is now asked to re-input the same data into the CRM, or the call center representative who must ask every customer who calls in, even the irate ones, to answer a three question survey.
Content Overload

Employees are presented with an overwhelming amount of detail on processes they must follow. This makes it difficult for employees to comprehend or retain for long.

Requires Change in Behaviour

Process training require employees to make changes in their behaviour, leave old habits and adopt the new. Merely knowledge transfer does not help.

Lack of Motivation

Employees do not see process trainings as an enhancement in their knowledge. They thing this does not directly add any value to their career.


Our Appraoch to Process Trainings

Training is often the go-to solution when learners are not following a process or procedure. Your employees could learn the process, if they wanted to, but they have not found a compelling reason that motivates them to do so. Our approach to Process Training is to provide them reasons.

Mission Critical Trainings First

Out of all the process trainings, we focus on 4-5 Mission Critical Processes. For the rest trainings, we suggest they learn as they grow.

Reduce Content; Reduce Cognitive Load

We divide every process into two parts - mission critical steps and non-critical steps. For non-critical steps we reduce as much content as possible.

Demonstrate Impact on Job

We prefer to demonstrate on how each process can impact the learner's job and help them grow in their career.

Experiantal Learning

Practice makes perfect, so we suggest to keep real practice or simulations during the training. By doing the process, learners loose their the inhibitions about the process.

Inform the Consequences

We suggest to include a section on the consequences of not following the process. This is also a complelling reason which makes learners to put a serious effort.

Just-in-Time Training

The need for learning does not end with the initial formal training about the processes. The forgetting keeps on happening & employees need ongoing support while being at work. They need training & learning support alongside work.





Case Study

Build a Sales Pipeline to Develop Business

The director of sales at MX Television inherited a team without a solid sales foundation.

He discovered the sales team didn’t have reliable techniques for cold-calling or presenting pitches. They were used to taking orders, but had no formal sales process for new business development or growing current client relationships. MX Television needed some business success tips specific to their niche market of media sales.

In addition, the sales management team leaders needed advice and practice on effectively managing pipelines, holding team members accountable, and implementing prospecting and behavior plans.

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