Product Training

Today’s consumers are digitally connected, socially networked and prefer to have gathered all the required information on the product that is to be purchased, before they even speak with your sales team.

Product knowledge is the most important tool for closing sales. It instills faith, trust, and respect in the customer, which creates a positive customer experience.

Syndicate Learning's Product training with emphasis toward product knowledge are very effective in helping your staf learn how to deliver customer experiences that “Wow” before your competitors do.

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The Challenges of Product Training

Customer Centric Conversation

While it is important to pitch our product, it is also imperative to counter competitive products. This can happen only when a salesperson has thorough knowledge about the various competitors and the advantages and disadvantages of their products.

Predicting Market Dynamics

While it is important to pitch our product, it is also imperative to counter competitive products. This can happen only when a salesperson has thorough knowledge about the various competitors and the advantages and disadvantages of their products.

Knowledge of Product FAB

With a number of products in their basket, salesmen face challenge in memorizing the features, advantages & benefits of all products. While they have the product specifications with them, they need to convey how these features add up to the business advantage for the customer.


Our Approach to Product Trainings


Focus on Impact of the Product

Our training solutions train your frontline employees on how our product will imact the consumer or the business and solve their short terms pains. After the training employees can have meaningful conversations with customers

Create Enthusiam in Teams

Enthusiasm is infectious. If our frontline team is enthusiastic and motivated about the benefits of our product, our customers will certianly be. Our training solutions, must convince your team that our product is better for the world.

Appreciative Inquiry

We conduct an appreciative inquiry to get an insight of sales force, critical success factors, possible point of failures and what has worked in the past, and what needs refinement. This becomes the basis of training content.

Success Stories

Success Stories from the real world inspire the learners more than sales and marketing theories. We look out for such stories from other team members and convert them into aestitically designed peices of learning.

Experiential Learning

To do is to learn. The experience of using a product stays in the mind for longer than reading about it. Whether we use real product or a simulation, our product training solutions help your team to experience the product.

Refreshers & Post Training Support

A product training is not a one time event but a continuous learning. Changes in product specifications, introduction of new products by competitors and the market dynamics - the team needs to stay updated to stay competitive.





Case Study

Building Sales Confidence in New IT Products

Our client is the world’s leading provider of Content Delivery Network (CDN) services—essentially, they help make the Internet fast and secure. One of their biggest ongoing challenges happens whenever they release a new product and they need to teach their partner organizations how to sell it.

Our innovative training solution used a simulation-based audio and video curriculum to educate salespeople and dealers on new products while strengthening essential sales skills, such as active listening and customer needs analysis.

Not only did we help the company’s sales representatives gain in-depth technical knowledge of new products, we simultaneously built up their skills and confidence in communication, customer analysis, and consultative sales.

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Our Mission

To solve various business problems with the right learning solution. Our syndicate is focused on suggesting what is right for our customer that invests in technology based learning solutions.

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