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Retail & eCommerce Industry

Syndicate Learning Group has been providing eLearning solutions to Retail Industry for the last 20 years and eCommerce industry for the last 10 years. We have the capability to develop custom elearning courses, implement learning management system and develop classroom training content.

Our Group have so far worked with all major retail and ecommerce players like Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, Jack & Jones etc. We have developed a range of courses for the retail and ecommerce industry like Onboarding, Store Management, Customer Support, Logistics, Marketing & Sales Management ect.

We have subject matter experts and experienced trainers to ensure the course content and the LMS features are in sync with the best practices of the industry. Our elearning solutions for the retail industry have won awards from organizations like Brandon Hall, LearnX, World Education Congress etc.

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Training Topics for Retail & eCommerce Industry


Demand Forecasting

Learn about all the key considerations of making a forecast by seeing a real example. Understand the different types of forecasting methods – both quantitative and qualitative.

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e-Commerce Basics

This course will give learners an introduction to e-commerce, the strategies to help reach more customers, and the technologies that empower the ecommerce business.


Inventory Management

Making inventory management mistakes can result in running out of products, or overspending on holding and ordering costs, both of which are bad for business. This course demonstrate the best inventory models available, to ensure your goods and services flow to the customers without delay.


Accounting & Invoicing

This course helps the employees at store with accounting systems training to protect your investment in technology and personnel.


Analytics & Storytelling

In this analytics storytelling course, you’ll learn effective strategies and tools to master data communication in the most impactful way possible—through well-crafted analytics stories.


Food Safety

This course on food safety shall train the store manager and store employees to ensure a high standard of safety within the food service operation and the systems and procedures necessary to maintain a top quality food business.


Greeting Customers

Whether you are in a retail store, hotel receptionist in a company or in any customer facing situation those first few seconds set the tone and create that crucial first impression that your customer will have about you and your company.


Recommending Products

This course train employees on recommending higher value products or additional products to improve store revenue and customer satisfaction.


Warehouse Safety

This Warehouse Safety Course is targeted for those who work in warehouses and distribution centers, and it covers several important topics that will help keep both your facility and your employees safe on the job.


SEO & Digital Marketing

This course is helps your Marketing team to understand the advanced concepts of search engine optimization and digital marketing to being more traffic on the website and improve the conversion rate.


Complaint Handling

This course helps the customer service staff to handle complaints with empathy and emotional intelligence. It trains staff to make a balance between satisfying customer while keeping business interests in mind.


Refunds & Returns Handling

This course train the retail store staff / customer service staff on process and procedures to handle product returns and refund.

eLearning Services for for Retail & eCommerce Industry

Syndicate Learning has a dedicated team that caters to Retail & eCommerce Industry. The entire team has experience and knowledge on the store management, warehouse management, ecommerce portals, customer service operations, purchase management etc. in Retail and Ecommerce companies. The team is lead experienced professional thus making our development process very effective for you.

Custom Content Development


Customer Portals


Videos and Animations


Learning Games


Explainer Videos


Infographics and PDFs


Learning Chatbots


Micro Learning Nuggets


Learning Management System (LMS) For

for Retail & eCommerce Industry We offer artificial intelligence based Learning Management System ( LMS ) for Retail & eCommerce Industry. Our LMS is built to support employees as well as extended enterprise like suppliers, temporary staff, franchisees staff and freelancers. We also provide mobile learning apps for android and iOS.

Special Features for LMS for Retail & eCommerce Industry

  • Integration with Retail & e-Commerce Softwares
  • Comply with eCommerce Security Standards
  • Download & Sharing of Select Content
  • Audit Trail for Compliance
  • Highly Secured Hosting
  • Terminology suited for Retail & e-Commerce
  • Course Certifications
  • Login-Free Access to Select Groups


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Our Customers : Retail & eCommerce Industry

We have served more than 20 Companies in Retail & eCommerce Industry Industry so far across the globe. We can safely say that our group is the most experienced group for developing elearning solutions and Learning Management System for Retail & eCommerce Industry Industry.

Award Winning Case Study: Elearning for Retail & eCommerce Industry


Case Study

As the global online travel market continues to expand, GoIbibo.com sought an online learning solution that could help its younger employees develop their technical and leadership skills to grow individually and push the company forward.

They were looking to create a culture of learning in general, but wanted to specifically encourage internal GoIbibo employees to develop new skills and find new opportunities within our company, rather than leave us after a few years.

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Award Winning Case Study: LMS for Retail & eCommerce Industry

Case Study

Living Luxury Spa is a rapidly growing and well-known national spa franchise in India. In its early stages, the company started out with a basic learning management system (LMS) but soon discovered that it was not scalable or built to grow. The interface was very old and there were many clicks before a learner could read a course or take an assessment. It does not have a good search option. Administrators too have to do a lot of work manually.

Syndicate Learning Groups implemented its AI Based LMS for Living Luxury SPA. The interface was designed to look like a SPA environment, setting the context for the training. The Artificial Intelligence enabled Learning Management System ensured that there was minimal manual effort required to administer the LMS.

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Retail & eCommerce Industry

eLearning FAQS
What is the role of elearning in eCommerce Operations?

E-Commerce and Retail Companies often have their operations scattered far away from headquarters. Everyday new products are launched. Almost everyday customer queries & expectations are soaring. To meet these two needs, it is important that employees invest some time in learning about these products, queries and upskill themselves to handle customer expectations.

A learning portal (Learning Management System) that is frequently updated with the new courses comes handy to empower employees to learn, if they need to.

Our Mission

To solve various business problems with the right learning solution. Our syndicate is focused on suggesting what is right for our customer that invests in technology based learning solutions.

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Syndicate Learning is a group of companies that have come togather to deliver best learning experiecne. Each of us is best at doing what it offers.With us you work with expert and experienced.

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For us Honesty and Fidelity are two most important business principles. We put no efforts to acquire a project that we cannnot service. We believe that No business is better than a Poor business.

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