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An organization’s competitiveness rely on the success of its sales operations. Sales is a very challenging job. Successful organizations invest heavily in motivation and encouragement of the sale personnel. According to Harvard Business Review - estimates of annual turnover among U.S. salespeople run as high as 27%.

Organizations need to continually hire new sales staff to fill the positions or to fuel the growth. The new hiring does not meet the purpose unless and until the new sales team becomes productive and start contributing to the growth of business.

Onboarding sales people remains a challenge for many organizations. Imbibing organizational culture and bringing the new employees up to speed is complex.

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The Challenges of Sales & Marketing Training

A sales onboarding program is a critical task and must ensure high employee engagement, high performance, and low turnover rates. The critical challenges to success of a Sales Onboarding program are
Time to Proficiency & Impact

Sales people directly impact the business growth as they bring in the revenue. It is important that they become proficient and productive in minimum possible time.

Utmost use of Training Time

Training is a costly affair for organizations. It consumes extensive resources such as training logistics, travel budget & manhours of the trainee, trainer & managerial effort. It is imperative for training department to use the training period effectively and efficiently and mitigate the total spend.

ROI of Training Budget

As training has long cycle, management seeks to achieve the impactful and measurable results from training.


Our Approach to Sales & Marketing Trainings

We approach these challenges using proven learning strategies and framework. Our goal is to eradicate these challenges by reducing the time to proficiency by ensuring an engaged and informed employee. We design the onboarding program keeping in mind the best HR practices, best training methodologies, and reinforcement strategies after the training. Our approach includes the following elements

Blended Learning

Our sales onboarding solution contains a perfect blend of classroom training, experiential learning, personalization and various other modalities of eLearning. The entire strategy is based on the training objectives of the organization and the feasible training content.

70:20:10 Model

Our strategy is to use 70:20:10 model where ten percent of training effort is put on formal learning methods. Twenty percent effort is to transfer knowledge through manager, mentors & collaboration platforms like forums. Seventy percent effort is put on experiential learning like simulations, job aids, guides, scenarios etc.

Flipped Classroom

The new hires come with varied experiences and learning. Bringing them to a common training program can cause chaos. So, our strategy is to provide them precursors to training like relevant videos, infographics, a piece of blog etc. It gives them contextual knowledge and when they reach classroom they are not disoriented.

New Age Approach for Millennials

Most of the workforce which joins an organization are millennials. They are very anxious and demand accelerated learning. We involve subject matter experts and practitioners and let them share their success stories and failures. These stories, incidents, case studies help us to transfer the rich experience to new hires.

T3 Program (Train-the-trainer)

Our solutions include T3 program where we focus on converting traditional trainers into Performance Coaches. We train them on engaging the learners by practical activities.

Learning Reinforcement

Our solutions include a strong Learning Reinforcement strategy where we create small learning nuggets like videos, infographics, mailers based on their trianing material. This strategy helps in longer learning retention.





Case Study

Recognizing and nurturing High Potential

Our Client: Our client is a global leader in talent management solutions. With 40+ years of talent expertise, they’re a trusted technology partner to more than 10,000 companies in 150+ countries, including 50% of the Fortune Global 500.

Case & Challenge: The case deals with the concept of high-potential employees which according to the Harvard Business Review account for an average of 5% of any company’s workforce. Recognizing and nurturing. High Potential is crucial because such employees go on to take up leadership roles in an organization and prove to be economical and worthy.

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