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Syndicate Learning Group offers multifaceted learning solutions for software and information technology companies. If there is any industry that runs purely on knowledge, they are software and information technology companies. These companies are facing a severe crunch of talent due to fast changing technology landscape; there are less people to handle the new technologies.

Syndicate Learning Group help these organizations to bridge this knowledge gap by offering its elearning services. We not only helps companies to develop engaging content, we also help them to create a culture of continuous learning.

Syndicate Group's Enterprise Learning Management System is built for highly educated white collared employees. This LMS driven by Artificial Intelligence not only stores and disseminates knowledge, its identifies and produces intelligent employees.

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Training Topics for Software & Information Technology


Introduction to Fundraising Planning

This course is designed for fundraising-focused nonprofit professionals and covers the basics of fundraising with simple steps to develop your fundraising plan.

good_manufacturing_processes (GMP).jpg

Director’s Guide to Leadership

This course covers how to distribute leadership authority across your organization & goals for your teams and direct their actions to maximize impact.


Selecting and Onboarding Volunteers

This course covers knowledge to find the best volunteers for your nonprofit and learn some best practices to keep them coming back.


Finance Essentials

This course helps you learn the essentials of nonprofit finances so you, and your board, can make strategic financial decisions.


Non-Profit Marketing

These courses train your team on how to communicate your cause, gain more supporters, and have a greater impact through email marketing, social media, public relations, and more.


Applying for Grant Funds

These courses teach your members to organize and present all the essential info funders look for in winning grant proposals.


Greeting Customers

Whether you are in a retail store, hotel receptionist in a company or in any customer facing situation those first few seconds set the tone and create that crucial first impression that your customer will have about you and your company.


Recommending Products

This course train employees on recommending higher value products or additional products to improve store revenue and customer satisfaction.

eLearning Services for for Software Companies

Syndicate Learning has a dedicated team that caters to the needs of Software & Information Technology Companies. The team has experience and knowledge on the software development processes, software project management, team management and various tools and technologies. The development team is led by experienced trainers and coaches from software companies, thus making our process very effective for you.

Custom Content Development


Customer Portals


Videos and Animations


Learning Games


Explainer Videos


Infographics and PDFs


Learning Chatbots


Micro Learning Nuggets


Learning Management System (LMS)

for Software Companies We offer artificial intelligence based Learning Management System for Software & Information Technology Companies. Our LMS is built to support not only the employees, but also the vendors, of development forums. Our mobile learning apps ensures that the software & IT professionals are never far from their learning tools.

Special Features for LMS for Software & Information Technology Companies

  • Integrated with HRMS, ERP or PM Tools
  • Integration with OTS Libraries.
  • Automatic Course Recommendations
  • Chatbot for Communication
  • Login Free Access / Social Access
  • Easy Access using Mobile and Tablets
  • Social Sharing of Open Courses
  • Certificate Download
  • Register Learners using Links
  • Download & Sharing of Select Content
  • Highly Secured Hosting


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Our Customers : Software Companies

Award Winning Case Study: eLearning for Software Companies


Case Study

Gamified Solution for Software Industry

Our client is a global enterprise software company and the second-largest software vendor in Europe. The company strives to accelerate and simplify the digital transformation of enterprises by connecting global applications, devices, and data without having to compromise on existing investments.

Since the company was transitioning from ILT to digital learning, Syndicate Learning suggested an avatar-based guided learning approach to provide a familiar learning environment to employees. The project included the development of 9 eLearning curriculums for soft skills training in sales management.

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Award Winning Case Study: LMS for Information Technology Companies

Case Study

Enhance revenue and profitability with Syndicate LMS

Founded in 1985 and listed on the Stock Exchange since 1990, Techtronic Software is a world-class manufacturer of high-quality software for various industries like ecommerce, hardware, and construction industries.

The company wanted to ensure that employees are properly educated and proficient in key operational areas. They wanted to tangibly demonstrate how development initiatives help to achieve corporate objectives. By implementing Syndicate Group LMS, the company accelerated training creation and delivery, reduced classroom training costs and fully recouped its investment in the program initiative.

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Software & Information Technology Companies

eLearning FAQS
Why should software and IT Companies upgrade their LMS every 3 years?

Like any other industry, software technology changes at a fast pace. Now it is time for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. eLearning Industry is constantly innovating and developing new solutions that improves the methods, process and content of learning.

We see a quantum jump in the Learning Management Systems, every three year. Whether it is User Interface, Automation of Processes or hosting, the change is visible. New solutions are developed by new challengers. Also, users experience technology outside the workplace and expect the same or better experience for work.

So, it is advisable to replace your LMS every three years.

Our Mission

To solve various business problems with the right learning solution. Our syndicate is focused on suggesting what is right for our customer that invests in technology based learning solutions.

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Syndicate Learning is a group of companies that have come togather to deliver best learning experiecne. Each of us is best at doing what it offers.With us you work with expert and experienced.

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For us Honesty and Fidelity are two most important business principles. We put no efforts to acquire a project that we cannnot service. We believe that No business is better than a Poor business.

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